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Disney Store Singing Frozen 2 Elsa doll review

"Every day's a little harder as I feel my power grow
Don't you know there's part of me that longs to go"

From Frozen 2, song:  Into the Unknown

There is no Anna without Elsa and I wanted to have an elsa with every face (the Elsa from the Queen set was a gift and is not with me) so naturally singing Elsa landed in my virtual shopping basket  as well. (Currents classic Elsa was also a must so she came, too but she's for another post.) You can find my Anna review here.
Her box is very similar to Anna's.

The boxes have the same decoration of forest trees, the same shape, and the same parts are seethrough.
It has the same picture of the sisters on the front, but of course it says singing Elsa instead of  singing Anna.
The back of the box is also the same, quite simple. Might help me with throwing away at least one, Most boxes are too pretty to get rid of but they are just taking up space :(

It has the same holes on the back so you can hear her singing if you try here while she's still in her box. Let's get her out. We need of course our deboxer queen, Dolly, for that.
No Dolly, that's not what you are here for.
You can explain as much as you want, that doesn't change tha fact that what you're doing is rude. Get off and start working.
Off with the outer cover first.

Onto deboxing her. Her background is the forest, same as Anna's.
Lots of enjoyment in store, eh? Sissel, the current classic Elsa is also lurking.
Poor singing Elsa has those nasty ties in the head. And she kept singing while deboxing so I switched her off.
Finally free! Take a good look at her outfit.

Here is a picture of her movie outfit to compare:
To mee, it seems quite accurate, although not as flowy bu that's due to the size and the very stiff secction they used for her outfit.
She has lots of molded and painted details on her boots.
I checked her boots and they have the little L and R moulded inside, indicaing which one is for the left foot, and which one is the right foot.I didn't take then all the way off, jus the upper parts to peek at the inside of the boots.
Her dress is all one piece except for the belt but her leggings are not painted on like Annas trousers, she has real, lightblue leggings.
I wish they gave Anna real pants as well. Her pants are not as tight as Elsas, so why?
The little middle section that represens her underdress is very stiff, very hard except for the bottom section, that is the same material as icequeen Elsas cape and this new outfit's ... fins? They remind me of fins some aquarium fishes have floating around them. (Also the ones her final dress has) They clearly put something on the fabric to make it stiff and it looks a lot like snow, shimmering just a bit here and there, like a freshly fallen snowfield does. Although it is just a section and not a whole underdress, it is nicely hemmed both at the bottom and at the neckline. The bottom part is constructed the same as Rapunzels skirt, so when she sits down, it does not fit that perfectly but nothing big.
Her overdress or coat or jacket or whatever is called is made of the usual dolldress fabric.
It is lightblue that gradually goes over into purple at the bottom part. It is also nicely hemmed, even the sleeves.
Both her outfit and the belt that is a separate piece close with velcro at the back. Her dress is easier to handla and take off because it's not one long cape but it's in two separate pieces. While her "fins" have some nice blue printed on patterns at the bottom, her shoulderpieces have silver snowflake patters that are decorated with glitter.

Her hair is in a braid, Elsas signature hairstyle. (until Show yourself) Her haircolor seems a bit lighter than the color previous Elsa dolls have. The end of her braid and her bangs are hard because of the amount of hairproduct it has. But those bangs are even less wild than Sissel's (the current classic doll), her bangs stick very close to her head. I'll try and loosen it up a bit, it looks better in my opinion but the hair is not very cooperaive. It also has some small sections that are  trying to escape from the braid. My first Elsa, Kiki, has them, too but they appeard years after I deboxed her and carried her around in the house and the garden. The small section of hair that falls into her face is in singing Elsas case the thinnest and shortest.
Singing Elsa has a lovely face although many people don't like it and prefer the first face. I like all three. Singing Elsa has a lot of makeup and it's more pink than purple.
As she is a singing doll, she has less articulation than classic dolls. The arm that has the singing mechanism doesn't have an elbow joint, other than that it's the same as for classic dolls: head, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip and klick knee. Did I mention that I don't like klick knees? I mean, in this review.
When her hand is turned, she sings a small section of Into the unknown:

Every day's a little harder as I feel my power grow
Don't you know there's part of me that longs to go
Into the unknown
Into the unknown
Into the unknown

When the fist movie came out, singing dolls sang acapella, but lately they sing smaller sections of their song and have background music, too.
Her speaker is at her back and is heart shaped just like Anna's.I didn' t take a picture of hers but you can see Anna's in the Anna review. Under the speaker, there is the space where the batteries go.
 She and Anna both sing for the same amount of time but Anna is noticably louder.

She is a lovely doll I'm really happy to own, although I don't need the singing part. Those singing hands seem on both dolls a bit loose. If a Made to move Barbie with a suitable skintone appears, she'll also receive a new body.
I'm a bit unsure about her name, originally I wanted to name her Ilon, but as her sister has a japanese nameborrowed from a japanese translation of my favourite webtoon, I thought I should pick a name for her from there, too. So there is Megumi, Satomi and Shizuoka to choose from.

And to finish, here is a sneak peak photo from the comparison post of all three Elsas together:
First edition Elsa (with hinge knee joints!) aka Kiki on the left, new girl in the middle, current classic doll with the Olaf's Frozen Adventure face aka Sissel on the right.
Kiki seems so purplish on all pictures but in real life she doesn't look that purple, although she definitely has a purplish tint to her skin.

There is still some Frozen2 dolls and Snow and Merida to review and the comparison post (I collect photos for that bit by bit) so look forward to that!

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Disney Store Singing Frozen 2 Anna doll review

"How to rise from the floor?
But it's not you I'm rising for"
From Frozen 2, song: The nex right thing

This doll was the one I was most excited for from my Christmas haul. I wanted to rebody her and be my ultimate poseable doll since I loved her face so much. I gave up on that plan because the body I found for her is... well, not suitable at all. :(
But enough of the sadness, let's have a look at this lovely-lovely Anna. I hoped for a simple classic doll sold by itself but I gave up on waiting and snatched her since her outfit is a must have and yeah, I wanted to rebody her anyway.
She has a simple Frozen themed box with forest decoration and a picture of the sisters.
She has a hole in the clear plastic part of the box, so you can test her and listen to her singing. The fores theme goes all around the box, both the left and the right side of the box has the forest as decoration.
The right side has a bi of clear plastic as well so we get a glimpse of Anna.
At her hand, to be precise, the hand that makes the singing mechanism work.
The backside has some holes so we can hear her singing even when she's still in the box also the Frozen II logo, warnings and a pricetag.
The top matches the sides and gives us another glimpse at Anna. Now it's time to debox.
My alltime helper, Dolly, (Frozen Fever classic Anna doll) will assisst with deboxing.
No worries, Anna, she's an experienced deboxer.
The clear part is gone so we can take a look at her lovely face. Look at that lock sticking out, I guess she travelled upside down since she arrived like that. She has blue eyes with just a hint of green, light freckles and a natural looking face - no dramatic eyeshadow or lipcolor and just a bit of blush on her cheeks.
She has the forest even as her background in the box and I think it compliments her hair and outfit nicely.
Those ties though!
Even over her boots. Love those colors in the background, reminds me of a sunset. There are also little plastic tiesin he outfit, holding the cape down and holding the two sides of the skirt together.
Almost free!
Almost but not quite.
Let me help you. Rise your arm a little so those clear plastic pieces and rubberbands can be removed.
As you can see the older Anna has a lighter haircolor but that might be due to aging - I've had her for more than five years. The bangs are a real improvement but I love Dolly as she is. I'll do a proper comparison post later and Christmas Anna with her big smile will also join. And Anna with a a bun - isn't it funny that there are three classic Annas who have their hair in a bun and each one of them has a different one? I'll compare those as well.
Let's have a closer look at her clothes.
Her cape is removeable and has lots of details.
It's purple on the outside and has a black collar. There are also two metallic looking buttons on the shoulder but they are just for decoration.
There is also a black pattern at the bottom, the kind that's typical for Anna and Arendelle. On the inside it has some unfinished edges so I'd be careful with that. Not that suitable for young children, I think.
The cape iself has three section and the section in the middle is the same purple on the inside than the whole cape on the outside.
The two sidepanels are a reddish-pinkish color. Both those colors remind me of the cape she had in the first movie.
Under the cape she has a black dress with golden decorations. Under the dress she wears a yellow-orange blouse but we only get the top part of it, it's not a separate piece.
It's a really sunny color that suits Anna's sunny personality. It has a golden brosch, similar to the one she had in Frozen Fever at the neck. The black dress has gold trimming around the neckline and all arpund the edges on the skirt.
Some nordic patterns on the skirt and the chest and a line running down on the sleeves to the cuffs that are brown and also decorated but with a diamond shaped pattern that's more Elsas style in my opinion.
She just has to have a little bit of her sister in her outfit, right?
She also has a leather belt but it doesn't go all the way around and is made of the same fabric as the rest of the dress.
It is all one piece and closes with velcro at the back.
She wears boots similar to those she wore in the first movie but these new ones follow the shape of her legs more closely. Also the patterns match the ones on her dress.
I guess it's not easy to remove it and put it back, I had trouble with the blue boots of the Anna from Olaf's Frozen Adventure.
She has painted on pants that I don't really like, they could have just left her legs unpainted under her dress like they did with the JCPenney version, noone would really see and notice it. Her pants doesn't seem that tight in the movie so I don't understand why she has painted on pants while Elsa has real pants.
Here is a promo picture to compare it to the dolls outfit:
Some details are missing like those small tassels or whatever on the golden line that's on the sleeve of the black dress but it's a fairly accurate outfit.
She doesn't wear her hair in two braids all the time anymore (only for the night) she has her hair down or in an updo depending on the occasion. While travelling she has her hair down, just a small section is braided on both sides and tied together at the back. Well this doll doesn't have a real braid but it works. Her hair is nice and soft on the top of her head and the rest of her hair doesn't have much hairproduct either.
 She has her hair in some slightly wavy locks, like her movie counterpart. She has such a lovely red mane.
Since she is a singing doll her body is a bit different from normal classic dolls but she still has the click knees I dislike. One of her arms, the left one (but it's the one ont right if the doll is facing towards you) has no articulation at the elbow, because that's her singing arm, the one that starts the singing mechanism. You have to turn her hand just a little and she sings this section of her song, The next right thing:

Just do the next right thing
Take a step, step again
It is all that I can to do
The next right thing

Her singing is nice and clear and is not acapella like the singing of dolls when the first movie came out. I don't have experience with singing dolls, she and Elsa are the first ones I go and the only reason I go the singing ones because the non-singing ones weren't available by themselves where I live.
Her speaker is on her backside and is heart shaped. Right under the speaker there is screw that holds the panel covering up the batteries in place. So if she needs new batteries, just remove the screw and that panel carefully, replace the batteries and back it goes. You can also see in the picture that she has a switch on her side - that is mostly for parents and to turn off the singing of the doll. She has a rubber band right under the switch so she can't be turned off at the store.
 She and Elsaa both sing for the same amount of time but Anna is noticably louder. 

Now back to her hair. It's one of the main reasons I wanted her so badly (The other is her outfit. I just love it.). The moment I saw her locks and her lovely face I knew she'll be perfect for a project I've had in mind. It doesn't include any customizing like repainting or rerooting - I can't do either of these - and even if the eyecolor does not match, in every other aspect she is the perfect candidate so that sealed her fate. Also my wallet's.
I've introduced a while ago some webtoons  and comics I'm reading and those locks just happen to look the same the main character has in my favourite one.
Yep, it's Seol Hong from Cheese in the trap, your average hard working university student at first glance. There is more to the story and if you like an unusal romance that is more like a drama with psychological aspects than her story is just the thing for you to read. (You can read the English translation here if you'd like to, the original is Korean and there is a Chineese and an Indonesian translation that I know of and are easily available if you understand one of those languages.) Now her hair. She gets the nickname Dogfur because of her hair - you get the idea why I chose Anna with her lovely mane for her right? I just love this story so much that I had to create something to represent it for me in physical form.
The most logical choice to look for clothes for her is Barbie - there are tons of outfits and they fit these dolls perfectly so I thought it'll be an easy thing. I was wrong. As Seol prefers comfy wear it was quite hard to find something in the glamurous wardrobe of Barbie so I decided to make a pair of jeans shorts and a grey T-shirt for her myself.
Take a look, the original is on the right to compare her to the doll version. The edges were finished with a sewing machine in the jeans' case but the rest is handsewn.
I'm looking for a suitable doll to be her companion, you can take a look at him and write a suggestion if you'd like to here:

I'm sure it's very clear how much I love this doll despite the few drawbacks she has, I'm so happy I added her to my collection. She has no name of her own as she is Seol or Yuki-chan as she's called in the japanese translation.

Next time, there is singing Elsa, Animator Anna and the set I managed to get also a big comparsion post of the Elsa and Anna faces. Stay tuned!