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Just a quick heads up about the Frozen 2 merch that came out today

As the title says, it's just a quick post to show some of the merch that came out today (4th october 2019)
I'm always most excited  for dolls so I'll focus on those and mention whatever Frozen 2 stuff I've also seen. Hasbro is releasing so many different sets, the girls in different outfits, Anna with Kristoff, the girls together, singing dolls, a big fashion sets with both Elsa and anna and their outfits from the first movie and of course dolls of all the new characters, even a set with Elsa with Nokk and a family set with little Elsa and Anna and their parents. I'm really happy they release so many dolls but I'm also sad since some of those are TARGET EXCLUSIVES, including the family set I wanted most. I don't have a Target in my country so I only have expensive possibilities to get them. Here is their stock photo, arent the little ones adorable, And they did a good job with the parents, too, in my opinion.
Hasbro also did smaller figures and such.
These dolls are available in most stores that sett toys, EXCEPT those that are marked as exclusives to a certain store, for example as I mentioned the family pack is Target exclusive so it'll be available in Target shops. As for Europe, I'm not sure if we get them, I haven't found any of the comfy princesses her so I have no high hopes but since it's Frozen, I do have a little hope that we will at least see some of it.

Disneystore made singing dolls for Elsa and Anna in their adventure outfits and a twopack with their outfits they wear at the beginning of the movie according to a rumor, some kind of harvest festival I think the rumor said.
The singing dolls:
Elsa sings a part of her song, Into the Unknown. She is available at the disneystores and in the online stores
Anna sings a part of  her song, The Next Right Thing
Singing dolls usually have less articulation in their arms than classic dolls likely due to the singing mechanism.
The twopack:
If I get this set, I'll do a review with comparing them to the Olaf's Frozen Adventure set and the earlier classic dolls.
There is also a cute little advent calendar with two little animator dolls and lots of stuff hidden for them in the calender like clothes, their dolls and more.
There is also a new Kristoff doll, well, judging from the picture only his outfit is new.
And if the talk is about Frozen and dolls, limited edition dolls are not to be forgotten, right?

I'm pulling these from the disney pin forum, those pictures were posted there by Awesomedude32456
He also posted rumored info about edition size and release date:

Anna LE 6300
Elsa LE 6800
rumored release day Nov 23

There is also a rumor that the Sakks LE dolls will be the sisters in their dresses from the beginning of the movie.
It's not Frozen but there is a very adorable old-new classic doll available at the disneystore: Charlotte from The Princess and the Frog, since the movie is celebrating its 10th anniversary:
Her bangs are different from her older doll's bangs but I think she's really adorable.
Back to Frozen 2.
Of course all kinds of usual stuff is also released, clothes with pictures on them, costumes, wigs, cups and mugs, makeup cases and just about everything that can have a picture, from backpacks to towels.

And books, with spoilers in them so be careful with them.

There is also some Japan exclusive stuff like cute little dolls of Elsa and Anna

Those pictures are of course not mine, they belong to their owners, I'M just giving you the links so you can take a peak. :)
I feel like the Frozen craze is about to start again.

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Disney Store 2018 Classic Cinderella doll review

"One shining chance to be
all I can and more"

from Rudolf - Affaire Mayerling by Jack Murphy and Frank Wildhorn; song: Measure of a man

Cinderella is one of the final batch of dolls to complete my classic doll collection. She is a 2018 Cinderella doll - she came out in 2018, that year the girls came with an extra ring for the owner to wear and those rings somewhat match the princess they come along with.
First look at Cinderella when she arrived:

Let's have a look at her box. Both sides are decorated with images from the movie.
 The left side has her name, a picture of the fairy godmother turning the pumpkin into the carridge with Cinderella watching and a picture of Cinderella that is not colored and only has the outlines.
The right sice has a bigger colored picture of Cinderella with redesigned hairstyle and a smaller one showing  Prince Charming and Cinderella dancing.
The back of the box has a colored picture of Cinderelle holding her friend Gus, a drawing of her glass slipper that is just outlines and another drawing of Cinderella that is like the drawing of the glass slipper and the drawing on the left side of the box - just outlines.
The front is plain and has Princess Cinderella written on it wut plain letters that are easy to read even for kids. Now that we are doen looking at her box, let's debox her andget a good look at her.
She has a quite nice although in my opinion a bit generic face and there weren't any big changes during recent years. She has pink lips, the color that only looks good on dolls, on real people it looks mostly horrible in my opinion. They could try a differnt a little darker and mor natural tone for her, I think. Her lightblue eyes match her accessories and dress perfectly. She wears silver eyeshadow, but not too much
She has blonde hair, a little less golden than my Auroras hair. She has her hair in an updo that is made wit the help of a ponytail, I think, since she has one clear rubberband in her hair. The updo part is quite soft, but her bangs are hard because of the amount of hairproduct in it.
She has her headband and small lightblue earrings and also comes with her choker that is a piece of ribbon wit the two ends sewn together. The headband is tied to her head with two of those plastic little T shaped thingies.
Her dress is mostly lightblue with white part like the poofy little sleeves that have rubberbands sewn into them. The dress is all one piece and closes with velcro at the back. She also comes with long white gloves. In the animated movie the dress seems to be a silvery color in some shots
(for example when she gets her dress) and lightblue  in others (for example when she enters the castle)
The parts that are white on the dolls dress aren't white, but an even lighter blue tone. I think the lightblue and white colorcombination is fine for the doll, I prefer it over the darker royal blue skirt she sometimes has. She wears, like all the princesses that came out in 2018 a two-layer skirt. The lower layer is lightblue and made of a quite thin fabric, it wouldn't work by itself as a skirt, it would look really cheap. These kind of skirt remind me of the year when most girls had a big tullskirt, in 2011, I think.I'm not fond of this construction but I think it works for Cinderella and on Tiana it actually looks quite good. I don't like it on Snow White though and I prefer my Auroras skirt the way it is (she came a year earlier so her skirt is just one thicker layer)

The upper layer is mostly transparent with glitterpatterns on it. If you look at the pictures from the movie, her dress seems to be sparkly so glitter is fine in my opinion.
She wears flats which I think is a pity since that shoe plays such an important role in her story and she clearly wears elegant heels. The flats are secured with clear rubberbands that I left on her feet. Losing her slipper is fine in the story but I prefer for her to keep both of them.
At least those flats look like glass, you can clearly see her feet through the shoes so that's nice. I guess Disney gives the princeses flats so little girls want to wear flats and don't want to wear heels since heels are in the long run quite unhealthy for the feet. But that's just a guess. I think some princess dolls look better with heels, like Cinderella or Elena or Elsa, some look better with flat feet, like Pocahontas, Jasmine, Mulan or Moana.
She has the usual articulation, she has joints at her neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists and hips plus the klick knees I dislike and don't consider as real articulation.
From the back, you can see some little imperfections, like the hole under the velcro closure where the tie from around her waist was. It is also visible that her headband has a rubberband part for easy removing and putting back on. (But those plastic ties  that tie the headband to her head and are very hard to remove make this somewhat useless.)
My doll has a generous amount of blush but that changes from doll to doll and some shiny stuff on her face, maybe hariproduct.
I completely forgot the plastic ring she brings. It's lightblue with a clear, a little silverish square gem on it, Cinderellas signature colors. The lightblue part is also decorated with small white stars. I guess children like these kind of things, I don't really know what to do with it and would have preferred tha figure of her mouse friend Gus. I got  the suggestion that those rings might work as shokers for the dolls but I didn't sudcceed in putting them on the girls, the plastic is stiff and the gems are quite big. So Cinderellas ring ended up in my Made-to-Move Barbie's hair.
I still need to figure out where I can put the rest of the rings.
Overall CInderella is quite a nice doll but nothing stands out for me on her, neither in a positive, nor in a negative way. Maybe it's because she isn't one of my favourite princesses. I'm still really happy to own her. Let's close this little review with a fullbody picture of Cinderella.
ready to go to the ball
Oh and before I forget her given name is Julianna. I just looked at her face and she looked like Julianna to me. I'll try to post more often now that I've finished my exams. We still have Little Kingdom Fashion Change Cinderella and the other classic dolls, Sonw White, Tiana and Merida to look at!
EDIT: I Added a photo and a little info about the ring she brings.

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What have I been up to?

So.. what have I been doing lately? Besides school and those kinds of things. Well I love stories, both creating and reading so while the story of my dolls is not progressing, I've been reading some and maybe even got some new ideas along the way. I'd like to show you a few of my favourites - I'm reading webtoons and online comics. I'm no expert but as far as I know, online comics are made up of pages like a comic book it's just not a physical book, the pages are uploaded online. That doesn't exclude the possibility of the existence of a physical copy. Webtoons are more like longer stripes, fit to read on a phone. They can also exist in a book form.
So let's get started and get to know a few of those stories I'm reading. They are different and the reasons I like them are different, too. I list them in no particular order, mostly following the order I started to read them.
I don't know any of the creators, I just love their work and wanted to share it.

Mias and Elle
Some art of the main characers by the creator, Jenny, I do not own anything this one is her work, linked from her Deviantart account.
This is the first comic I started to read with my sister so it has a special place in my heart. The story is interesting, the characters fun and in my opinion not the usual kind of main characters and the authoress is a master of expressions. I would say it's a mix of fantasy, drama and romance, with some darker parts and hilariously funny moments. Maybe not the most suitable for younger readers.
You can read it at several places.
The main site of the comic: http://www.miasandelle.com/
At the bottom of the page you can find links to the authoress' instagram, where she posts lots of random extra drawings and her patreon. :)
Another possibility to read the story is her deviantart account.
It's not that easy to read the pages in order but you can leave and read tons of comments there and also has links to the other places where it is beeing uploaded, like the main site or Tapastic.
Twitter or Instagram account of the creator:
If you'd like to support her, you can do that through her patreon:

My Dear Cold-Blooded King
Some art of the main characer by the creator, Lifelight, I do not own anything this one is her work, linked from her Twitter account:
A charming story with amazing art. Especially the backgrounds. When there is music, it works perfectly with the story and art. And the sweet peronality of the authoress just makes it even better.
I'd recommend it if you're looking for a story focusing on romance - the kind that makes you feel better. And the heroine is not a week damsel, she's a warrior and a lady. :)
You can read it here:
Twitter or Instagram account of the creator:
If you'd like to support her, you can do that through her patreon:

Siren's Lament
Some art of the main characers by the creator, instantmisosoup, I do not own anything this one is her work, linked from her Twitter account.
Mermaid fans will likely get hooked, it has some beautifully drawn mermaids. The art is nice the story is interesting. It' a nice romance story with fantasy elements. Our heroine runs a flower shop and is not unhappy with her life but it's a bit dull. She's described as somwhat of a wallflower and her life changes when she gets entangled with sirens and their curse. It's sweet and sad and cute. :)
You can read it here:
Twitter or Instagram account of the creator:

Let's Play
Some art of the main characers by the creator, Mongrelmarie or Mongie for short, I do not own anything this one is her work, linked from her Twitter account.
This is one I wouldn't recommend to younger readers, mainly because the authoress said so, and it's also dealing with some very serious themes: depression, social awkwardness, hate, abuse and more. I think it's very interesting though. It is sorted in the romance section and there is romance but I think drama would fit a bit more.
You can read it here:
Twitter or Instagram account of the creator:
If you'd like to support her, you can do that through her patreon:

I Love Yoo
Some art of the main characers by the creator, Quimchee, I do not own anything this one is her work, linked from her Twitter account

Another story that's really special to me because of my sister. It's sorted in the romance section but I share the authoress' opinion that it would be better off in the drama section. It also deals with some serious real life issues. It has interesting, complex characters and a well thought out story but it's not for you if you're looking for a cute romance story.
You can read it here:
Twitter or Instagram account of the creator:

If you'd like to support her, you can do that through her patreon:

Cheese in the Trap
This one is also really special because I found and choose to read it myself - I didn't read it because someone recommanded me to read it. Also a story that I wouldn't put in the romance section. It has a great story and layered characters - espacially the main couple - but you may find it hard to understand when reading it for the first time. It jumps a lot around in time, there are two main timelines, present and 'last year'. Black background helps to tell apart events of the past from the events of the present. It's like a puzzle - each flashback is a piece and if you put it together, you'll get the whole picture.
You can read it here:

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Disney Store 2018 Classic Moana doll review

"Here right now, here right now, this is what we're living for"

from the musicak Ghost by Bruce Joel Rubin and Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard

It's been a while. Today I'll do a review of the 2018 Moana classic doll I got for Christmas. Here is the first glimpse I had at her:
She still comes with her oar like her earlier dolls but the doll can't be turned into a boat anymore.
Her box has her name with plain letters and with fancy letter, like it was in the movie - actually it's the movie title, which happens to be her name.This is like the princess doll boxes from 2017 but I bought her in 2018. The other dolls I purchased together wwith her have different boxes.
The box has some 3D pictures of the movie characters. There are also a lot of warnings but I cut those out of the picture since they were quite blurry.
The left side
And the right side
I think those were all promo pictures for the movie. As you can see the box is quite detailed and Moana has a nice ocean background.
Deboxing her wasn't that hard. She has a very accurate face in my opinion.
From the left side she looks almost angry to me.
From the right she looks happy and ready for adventure.
She has a lot of hair, it's really wavy, almost curly. The texture is nice and soft, but I think it's best to leave it alone.
I guess that's what could be called a lions mane. She has really beautiful hair. It's dark, almost black, but if you look carefully it's very dark brown, not black.
As you can see her body is different from the usual princess body, she is sturdier. I'm really happy that they decided to make this new body for her. And not even her hands are borrowed from the prince dolls. each one of her fingers stands by itsalf while the prince dolls have all their fingers moulded together except for the thumb. She has big flat feet and can stand quite stable without any support. She's been on my shelf for a few months and she hasn't fallen down yet. this new sturdier built also means she can't really put on Barbie clothes - although I haven't tried Curvy clothes since I don't own any. I'm comparing her to Pocahontas so you can see the differences.
I don't really know why, but I really like this hand touching picture. As if they recognise that they found a new friend in each other.
Moanas feet are huge. Or Pocahontas' are tiny.
She has much thicker limbs. Also from this angle she looks a bit like the Hasbro Moana doll.
Her clothes are nice and detailed and movie accurate.
Her skirt opens at her right hip with velcro but becareful, the two sides and the layers of her skirt are - not sewn together, but attached to each other at one point with thread. The pattern on her skirt goes all around. As far as I know her top used to be made of more layers, too but now it's just printed, although it still looks nice. It closes with velcro at the back and two elastic straps help it stay on her.
Her necklace has a lot of details and is held in place witl elastics. I didn't cut them, since I sort of regretted doing it for Aurora, Auroras necklace is now dancing around just as it wants.
Her oar is also very nice and detailed, there are lot's of molded details to make it look like real wood.
It isn't completely straight, which makes it even more realistic. The patterns are just on one side though.
It also has a handle so she can hold it better but unfortunately it doesn't stay there.
It's a nice accessory though and it's great for playing.
A last full body picture of beautiful Moana. She's a really nice and unique Disney doll, I'm very happy I decided to add her to my collection. Maybe not the best for kids because of her hair and because she can't be redressed in Barbie clothes but it's a great doll nevertheless.
Although I don't have any other Moana dolls in my collection she got a name of course, she is Laconia after a mute wood elf from Smurfs.
Laconie up on the shelf
I have more dolls to review and of course the stories to continue but I'm not sure I'll have the time as this is my last semester at university and I'll be quite busy for a while. I'll try and post something little in the meantime, though.

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Snowy photoshoot with some Frozen girls

"Like an angel passing through my room"

from the song of the same name by Abba

Let's start the new week with some snow!
Last week we finally got some so I took out some of my girls for a few pictures. Here are some of the ones I like most:
The usual let it go pose... I didn't have any better ideas.
Anna Margaret is making a snowangel.
Some mor pictures of the girls checking out the snow and having fun.
Snow. It had to be snow.